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    Offer possible answers. Choose at least two, but more can illuminate lots of possibilities.

    Offer possible answers

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    Elaborate on your solutions. What are their most important parts? Some of your logic paths might end here, and that’s ok. But dig deeper if you need to.

    Elaborate on your solutions

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    Get down to brass tacks. How do you make your solutions reality?

  • Remember, not every piece of your logic tree will have information for every step – some levels of the logic tree end quickly, while others extend much further. It helps to keep your logic tree in a flexible format where you can move parts of it around – which is, of course, where Post-it® Notes can really come in handy. Of course, a large area, like a Post-it® Dry Erase Surface, provides a great canvas as well.

    Find the products that bring this method to life at post-it.com/collaborate.

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